International Education & Global Engagement

The Student Experience

“Studying abroad is a modern-day rite of passage that opens a world of endless opportunity, curiosity, and desire to understand.'
~ Kandis Jo Pogoda

Major: Linguistics
Origin: CSULB
Destination: France
Class: 2017

“I had the chance at CSULB to be a Teaching Associate, and there were opportunities for research. This is a great campus for Engineering.”
~ Mankaran Singh

Major: Electrical Engineering
Origin: India
Destination: CSULB
Class: 2016

“The CSU’s are more affordable than the UC’s in California. When I was looking for a university, CSULB was shown as the best public one.”
~ Pamela Minoso

Major: Chemical Engineering
Origin: Dominican Republic
Destination: CSULB
Class: 2017

“Instill life into yourself. Make mistakes. Explore. Find your passions. Find yourself. Find others. Go far! Go abroad!”
~ Patrick Junpradub

Major: Health Care Admin
Destination: Thailand
Class: 2016