Local Actors in Port Operations and Global Trade

Personal Enrichment Course

This class provides an overview of the key decision makers involved in ports and their operations. This includes the port authority as well as trucking, longshore labor, and terminal operators. A brief history of the development of port cities and international trade will be featured. Students will also learn how freight enters the port complex, and the processes involved before goods leave the terminal gates on the way to their point of consumption.

We consider the role of federal, state, and local governments with regard to port development, and their influence on port operations as well as implications for surrounding communities. We look at the unique nature of Southern California, home to the largest port complex in the U.S., and one of the largest in the world. How is it unique, and how has it become a model for the rest of the nation, if not the world? Finally, we consider what this means for the people who live and work here, and what opportunities exist for residents who want to enter into this dynamic field.

Daniel L. Gardner

Founder and President of Trade Facilitators, Inc.


Kathryn McDermott

Consultant, City of Long Beach