College of Continuing & Professional Education

Professional Designation Program

Ghostwriting is the best-paying, most in-demand career path for freelance writers, journalists, and editors in today’s editorial-service marketplace.

Ghostwriters who command professional-level fees know everything writers and editors know, but they’ve also mastered ghostwriting’s unique skill set and adhere to the profession’s best-practice ethics and protocols. There are only two ways to acquire all this knowledge and ability: through years of trial- and error, or by completing the Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (GPDP).

GPDP, the only academically sponsored ghostwriter training program in the world, is a comprehensive, intense, career-launching course of study. Graduates, or Certified Ghostwriters, report greater confidence, more marketing opportunities, and higher earnings than ever before.    

GPDP is offered in three parts over ten months. Each part comprises topic-specific modules in a progressive sequence.


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