International Education & Global Engagement
  • Congratulations on your admission to the Study Abroad @ the Beach program at California State University, Long Beach! You should have received or will be receiving your I-20 form in the mail shortly. Please email if you have any questions or are interested in applying for on-campus housing .


    Please review the SA@B checklist for information on the following steps.


      1. Review & Sign your I-20 Form
      2. Apply for an F-1 Visa
      3. Review Available Courses
      4. Activate CSULB Student Accounts
      5. Attend the Online Pre-Arrival Orientation via Beachboard
      6. Submit immunization documents to the CSULB Student Health Center
      7. Purchase Health Insurance
      8. Pay for Tuition
      9. Upload Check-in Documents on Beachboard
      10. Attend Orientation Week


    ​March 5 Apply for on-campus housing* (optional)
    June 22 ​Receive your tuition invoice and ID number via email
    July 5 & 6 ​Attend Pre-Arrival Orientation via Beachboard
    August 14 ​Deadline to pay for health insurance & tuition
    ​August 18 ​On-Campus Housing Move-In Day
    August 21 ​Check-in documents due via Beachboard
    August 21-24 Fall 2018 Orientation Week (mandatory)
    August 27 ​First Day of Class- Course registration starts
    September 3  ​Labor Day - Campus Closed
    November 17 - 25 Fall Break
    December 13 - 19 ​Finals Exams

    *Please email for an early ID number to apply for on-campus housing 



    Images1_SA@B_Calendar_Logo.pngIMPORTANT SUMMER 2018 SEMESTER DATES

    March 26​ ​Receive student ID number by email
    ​April 2 ​Summer Session course registration begins
    April 3​ ​Apply for on-campus housing (optional)
    ​April 6 ​Receive confirmation of course enrollment
    ​May 21 ​SSI tuition and health insurance payment due
    ​May 25 ​SSI Orientation
    ​May 27 ​SSI or full summer move-in day
    ​May 28 ​Memorial Day (campus closed)
    ​May 29 ​SSI classes begin
    ​July 2 ​SSIII tuition and health insurance due
    ​July 4 ​Independence Day (camous closed)
    ​July 6 ​SSI classes end
    ​July 6 ​SSIII orientation
    ​July 7 ​SSI only students vacate on-campus housing
    ​July 8 ​SSIII on-campus housing move-in day
    ​July 9 ​SSIII classes begin
    ​August 17 ​SSIII classes end
    August 17​ ​SSIII students vacate on-campus housing

    SA@B Question Logo.png HELPFUL CSULB LINKS



    CSULB will be a smoke and tabacco free campus starting the Fall 2016 semester. For more information, please see the Breathe Campaign website.