International Education & Global Engagement
  • Carefully read the information about each type of housing before deciding which one will be best for you. Think about your lifestyle and transportation needs to help you choose the most suitable living accommodation. Please email with any housing questions. We can help you with:
    On-Campus Housing (click for more information)
    Study Abroad @ the Beach students have the option to live in one of 3 residential dormitories for the Fall and/or Spring semesters. Housing fees are approximetly $6,100 per semester for a double room with meals. Since on-campus housing is competitive, we suggest applying in early March for the Fall semester and early November for the Spring semester.
    Off-Campus Housing 
    You may choose to rent an apartment off-campus with other domestic or international students. All Long Beach buses are free to CSULB students.


    Another type of off-campus housing is Homestay. With this option, you may stay in a room of a family's home. (CSULB does not assume any responsibility for homestay providers, their business partners, or the Homestay Provider's clients. CSULB does not inspect homes, prepare contracts, nor place students with host families. Homestay agreements are between the tenant and the homestay provider. CSULB is not addiliated with any of the providers listed below.)


    Temporary Stay