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    Registration starts on the first days of school with a paper registration form. Enrollment is based on space availability, instructor approval, department approval and prerequisite verification on the first day of class. Please note that as Study Abroad @ the Beach students are 'visiting students' and degree-seeking students at CSULB receive priority registration.  (There is no online or pre-registration though this program) 


    *Not all classes listed are offered every term. Please check the Schedule of Classes for Spring or Fall semester offerings.

    Africana Studies (AFRS) B ​Geological Sciences (GEOL) B, M
    American Indian Studies (AIS) B German​ (GERM) B
    American Language Institute (ALI) B ​Greek (GK) B
    ​American Studies (AMST) B ​​Hebrew (HEBW) B
    ​Anthropology (ANTH)  B, M History (HIST) B
    ​​Arabic (ARAB) B International Studies (I/ST) B
    Art History (AH) B, M ​Italian (ITAL) B
    Asian American Studies (ASAM) B ​Japanese (JAPN) B
    ​Asian Studies (AST) B Kinesiology (KIN) B *100-200 level only
    ​Astronomy (ASTR) B ​Korean (KOR) B
    Business (Summer Only) B ​​Latin (LAT) B
    Cambodian (KHMR) B Liberal Arts, College of (C/LA) B
    ​Chicano & Latino Studies (CHLS) B ​Linguistics (LING) B, M
    Chinese Studies (CHIN) B Mathematics (MATH) B, M
    ​Civil Engineering (C E) B, M Mechanical & Aerospace Engr (MAE) B, M
    ​​Classics (CLSC) B ​Music (MUS) B
    ​​Communication Studies (COMM) B ​Philosophy (PHIL) B
    Comparative World Literature (CWL) B Physics (PHYS) B
    Computer Engr & Computer Sci (CECS) B, M Political Science (POSC) B
    Construction Engineering Management (CEM) B ​Recreation (REC) B, M
    ​​Criminal Justice (CRJU) B Religious Studies (R/ST) B
    ​Dance (DANC) B ​German, Russian & Literature (RGR) B
    Economics (ECON) B ​​Russian (RUSS) B
    Electrical Engineering (E E) B Sociology (SOC) B
    Engineering (ENGR) B Spanish (SPAN) B, M
    Engineering Technology (E T) B ​​​Statistics (STAT) B
    English (ENGL) B, M ​​​Theatre Arts (THEA) B *100-200 level only
    French (FREN) B Vietnamese (VIET) B
    Geography (GEOG)  B, M ​Women's Gender Sexuality Studies (WGSS) B



    Full Time Status

    All F-1 Students must be enrolled full-time. Tuition pays for 12 units. 

    Education Level​ ​Minimum Enrollment
    Bachelors​ ​12 units
    ​Masters ​8 units


    Relevant Course Suggestions

    Need help selecting more courses for your major? Try looking in other departments! Our office has compiled a list of suggestioned courses that could be relevant to your subject:



    A prerequisite is a course that a student must pass before enrolling in the more advanced course. Some departments require that you complete prerequisites prior to registering for their courses. Prerequisites may be found under the course title in the CSULB Catalog or by clicking on the subjects above. Unless you are a first-time university student, please disregard any non-course number prerequisites (ex. GE Foundation, GE Composition, Exploration, placement tests etc.). Prerequisites taken at your home university must be noted and reviewed by a Study Abroad @ the Beach advisor before the first day of school for the following subjects:


    Restricted Courses

    (Cannot be taken under any circumstances.)

    Helpful Hints:

    1. Make sure you have met the prerequisites to enroll in the course. This is needed to make sure you are well prepared and will do well in the course. Some instructors and/or departments require our office to review your transcripts for prerequisite verification.

    2. Check seat availability and if the class is being offered your term via the schedule of classes.

    3. Plan ahead and be flexible! Since you will not know which exact courses will have seats available until the first day of school, have back-up or alternative courses in mind.

    5. If you need detailed CSULB course descriptions to have approved for your home university, please email us at 


     Study Abroad @ the Beach Registration Process