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Although the Bonneville Lock and Dam near Portland, Oregon is a long way from Southern California, the area is especially interesting for one student in CSULB’s Antelope Valley Engineering Program (AVEP). Built in 1938 to provide hydroelectric power to the Pacific Northwest, the dam is recognized as a National Historic Landmark for its origins as a Public Works Administration project of President Roosevelt’s New Deal.

While the dam’s history is significant, it’s the future of it that concerns Amir Labib. As a mechanical engineering student, Labib applied what he learned in the classroom to a major infrastructure project at the dam, working alongside the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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Brandon Irving600.jpgSometimes the road to achieving educational goals is a long one, since life has a tendency to present many detours. Brandon Irving knows this all too well. He always knew he wanted to go to college, but a long stint in the military and the demands of fatherhood meant that he had other priorities. By Fall 2015, the educational milestones of his sons gave him the push he needed to enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA) degree completion program at CSULB.

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PHOTO: Fine Arts student Ihab Ali holds up a pot made in the wood-fired kiln

For many students, the chance to study abroad presents a number of firsts: their first trip outside the country, their first experience in another culture, their first time navigating a new home away from home.

For 12 CSULB Fine Arts students specializing in Ceramics, their visit to Tuscany last summer also included a very special first: working with a traditional wood-fired kiln, an ancient method for manufacturing ceramics.

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When Aida Alonso came to CSULB, she was living a double life. Originally from Spain, Alonso began CSULB’s Study Abroad @ The Beach program in January 2015. Most of her classmates had no idea that Alonso was an award-winning rapper.

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U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) winner Aliyah Shaikh at the Jordan River

From the moment Aliyah Shaikh set foot in Jordan, English became a forbidden language.

The winner of a prestigious U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS), Shaikh arrived in the city of Madaba to join a rigorous language program. She even signed a contract agreeing to communicate in Arabic for eight weeks.

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Two students in the Engineering Program at Cal State University, Long Beach–Antelope Valley (CSULB-AV), Stephanie Leathers and Theara Boon Kwok, were awarded scholarships at the recent Gathering of Eagles 2016 celebration in Lancaster, CA. The Flight Test Historical Foundation's Gathering of Eagles honored the 35th Anniversary of the F-117 stealth aircraft’s first flight, with remembrances from pilots and a fundraiser to support the Air Force Flight Test Museum at Edwards Air Force Base.

Both students are well on their way towards pursuing careers in the aerospace industry, and are utilizing CSULB-AV’s Engineering Program to get there.

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