College of Continuing & Professional Education
  • Refunds are based on the date an official withdrawal form is submitted to The College of Continuing and Professional Education(CCPE) office.

    A delay in submitting required forms may result in a reduced refund.

    Credit Courses (Extension Credit, Special Sessions, and Open University) Refund Requests
    Non-Credit (Professional Development) Courses Refund Requests
    Formula for Non-Credit Refunds

    Refund schedule applies to all non-credit courses/certificate programs except Bobrow Test Preparation classes.

    Formula for Special Sessions Refunds

    If class is dropped prior to the day of the first class meeting, the refund will be minus a $10.00 processing fee.

    Refund schedule will begin the day class starts, if class starts on a weekend the refund schedule begins the next business day. First two days indicate the first class meeting and the next business day.

    Nonattendance, a returned check for insufficient funds, or stopped payment on a check does not constitute an official withdrawl, nor does it relieve a student's financial obligation for the course.

    For refunds due to illness, contact the CSULB Enrollment Services (Brotman Hall, room 101) at (562) 985-5471. You may obtain a medical withdrawal form from Enrollment Services.‚Äč