College of Continuing & Professional Education
  • Students with disabilities involved in an off-campus program who need assistance or accommodation in order to participate in or benefit from university programs, services, and/or activities should inform the person/department responsibe for these programs, services, or activities, and then contact Disabled Student Services (DSS).

    Students needing support services or accommodations for course work should contact the instructor of the course within the first week of class. In addition, students should establish their eligibility for assistance by contacting Disabled Student Services (Brotman Hall, Room 270) at (562) 985-5401. They will be required to provide verification of their disability from a medical professional along with a description of the student’s functional limitations. Disabled Student Services will evaluate their requests. Typical accommodations available are extended time for tests, test proctoring, private test rooms, note taking, Braille transcription, and referral for tutoring.

    If the service offered is insufficient or inadequate, the student should confer with the Director of Disabled Student Services. Concerns may also be directed to the Office of Equity & Diversity (University Student Union, Room 301) at (562) 985-8256. Responsibility for oversight and implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act have been delegated to the campus director for disability support and accommodation.