College of Continuing & Professional Education
  • Continuing Education operations exist on all 23 campuses as a result of the Continuing Education Revenue Fund (CERF) Act passed by the California State Legislature in 1971. This Act required each CSU campus to create an extended education unit to meet the emerging needs of a changing populace featuring academic flexibility and supplemental delivery methods.

    While varying in specific functions and names (Extended Education, Continuing Education, etc.) the units all operate on a self-support basis, without General Fund allocations. As such, they are market-driven, responding rapidly to the changing demands of the diverse continuing education marketplace in California and beyond. They have the flexibility and entrepreneurial motivation to invest in new academic programs. They conduct market surveys and create marketing strategies and programs to address and meet the needs of continuing education students, frequently bringing together diverse disciplines to create innovative programs. Revenues are collected and used to pay operating expenses and compensate instructors, many of whom also serve as faculty members for General Fund CSU operations. Surplus revenue from extended education is reinvested in new program development, technology, or infrastructure initiatives that expand the scope of CSU activity.