Current Students/International Student Services


    The Center for International Education is available to assist international students seeking accommodations while attending CSU Long Beach. However, it is ultimately each student's responsibility to make their own housing arrangements. The CIE suggests that students arrive at least three weeks prior to the first day of classes in order to have ample time to find a place to live and to get settled in.

    Housing Packet

    Download a PDF packet containing important information on various housing options to help you find housing that best fits your needs.

    Temporary Accommodations

    There are several hotels and motels in Long Beach that students can stay at for the first few days in Long Beach . It is a good idea for students to make hotel/motel reservations in advance. Students should also mention that they are new students to Cal State Long Beach.

    • Super 8 Motel
      4201 E Pacific Coast Highway
      Long Beach, CA
      Phone: (562) 597-7701
    • Comfort Inn
      3201 Pacific Coast Highway
      Long Beach, CA
      Phone: (562) 597-3374
    • Guest House Hotel
      5325 East Pacific Coast Highway
      Long Beach, CA
      Phone: (562) 597-1341
    • Motel 6
      5665 East 7th Street
      Long Beach, CA
      Phone: (562) 597-1311


    There is one hostel located about a 20-30 minute drive from the CSULB campus. This option is usually cheaper than a hotel or motel, but is less convenient.

    American Youth Hostel
    3601 South Gaffey St. #613
    San Pedro, CA
    Phone: (310) 831-8109

    On-Campus Housing

    On-campus housing at CSULB is very limited and cannot be guaranteed. Students are encouraged to apply for housing as soon as they are admitted to the University and the online housing application becomes active.

    Housing and Residential Life Office
    1250 Bellflower Blvd
    Long Beach , CA 90840-8701
    Phone: (562) 985-4187

    All on-campus inquiries and applications are to be made directly to the Housing and Residential Life Office and not the CIE office.

    Off-Campus Housing

    The Center for International Education suggests that students try to arrive at least three weeks prior to the beginning of classes in order to begin to look for a place to live. Students may also want to attend the housing workshop on the day of Orientation for more information about off-campus housing and to meet other people interested in finding a place to stay.

    Visit the University's off-campus housing website to view available rental listings in the Long Beach area. This is a free service to CSULB students.

    Off-campus housing options include:

    • Renting an apartment
    • Living alone in a studio or one bedroom apartment
    • Living with a roommate or roommates in an apartment
    • Living in a Room in a Private Home
    • Living with a family through a Homestay program

    424 Kelton Ave Suite 514
    Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA
    Telephone: (310) 824-4908

    2031 San Remo Avenue
    Placentia, CA 92870 USA
    Telephone: (714) 504-0866

    Click here to view the Housing Information Sheet

    Renters Rights

    Those who wish to learn more about the rights of landlords and tenants in California or need technical information regarding their housing situation, information can be found by:

    1. Visit this website:
    2. After researching a specific situation on the website, contact the Fair Housing Foundation. They will be able to advise renters over the phone regarding their housing rights.

    Long Beach Fair Housing Foundation
    200 Pine Avenue, Suite 240
    Long Beach , CA 90802
    (562) 901-0808


    Utilities are services such as gas, electricity, water, and trash service. These may be included in the monthly rental fee or they may be separate. Ask the manager/owner when renting about who pays for what utilities.

    If utilities are not included in the rental agreement, individuals must call each utility company and request service to be connected. Expect monthly expenses to be considerably higher if utilities bills are separate.

    Be sure to pay utility bills by the indicated due date each month or services will be disconnected.

    If a deposit is required by any of the utility companies make sure to save necessary receipts. Present receipts at the conclusion of the service to receive a refund.

    Utility Phone Numbers:

    Gas & Water   562-570-5700
    Electricity   562-684-8123
    Cable     562-528-3401

    Telephone Service

    After moving into an apartment or home, plug a phone into the wall jack and listen for a dial tone. If there is a dial tone, call 1-800-483-4000. Ask for the orders department for new residence telephone service.

    If there is no dial tone or a telephone is not available, contact the telephone company by using any pay phone or cellular phone and call 1-800-483-4000 to set up service. Make sure to have the address of the new residence to give to the sales person.

    When ordering telephone service, make sure to mention that you are a full-time student and request the special discount available for low income earners (which most students qualify for). This discount service is usually known as 'Universal Lifeline Service,' which offers lower connection fees as well as cheaper monthly fees.


    Stoves and Refrigerators

    Most apartments are furnished with either gas or electric cooking stoves. If the stove is powered by gas, make sure the pilot light is on and working properly. If there is a suspicious odor or the burners will not light, call the landlord or property manager immediately.

    A Refrigerator may not be supplied by the apartment. Most students purchase refrigerators and other furniture at stores, garage sales, or from local publications such as the Penny Saver, The Grunion Gazette, and Press-Telegram.

    Washing Machines and Dryers

    Apartment communities usually have coin-operated washing machines and dryers in the building. Also, many neighborhoods have Laundromats with coin-operated washers and dryers. It is best to bring laundry supplies to the Laundromat because it is more expensive to purchase these items there.


    Furniture is not usually provided in an apartment. The best places to find cheap furniture are at garage sales, in local newspapers, at second-hand (thrift stores), or on bulletin boards (there is one located in the CIE).

    Visiting garage sales/yard sales on Saturday or Sunday mornings is a good place to look for used furniture, houseware, bikes, etc. Individuals in the community who want to sell their unwanted houseware and furniture lay their items out in-front of their homes for people to bargain for. Garage sales can be located by searching 'Classified' section of the newspaper (e.g. Grunion Gazette) on Friday or by looking for posted signs on most main street corners. Be sure to have cash and be EARLY. Most garage sales start as early as 6:00 or 7:00 a.m.

    Furniture can also be leased or rented from furniture rental companies. Renting/leasing is the easiest method of furnishing an apartment, but depending on how long the student's stay, it may also be the most expensive. There are a number of companies providing rental furniture. Look in the telephone directory (Yellow Pages) for furniture rental companies.