Incoming Students

    International Student Orientation


    Orientation Week for New International Students begins on Monday, January 13, 2014.
    The Center for International Education holds an informative and engaging Orientation program for all international students who are new to CSULB at the start of each Fall and Spring semester.  Spring 2014 Orientation Week begins on Monday, January 13, with the first day of SOAR for International Freshmen. 
    All new students (Freshmen, Transfers, and Graduate students) will attend mandatory International Orientation Day on Tuesday, January 14, starting at 8:30am.  International Orientation Day features information presentations and group activities led by staff and student leaders.  Throughout the rest of the week, new students will have the option to attend various workshops, campus and community tours, as well as other activities.  The International Student Orientation Program is a great way to meet other new students and get to know the CIE staff.
    Get answers to your questions about how to:
    • Pay student fees and tuition
    • Maintain proper immigration status while studying in the U.S.
    • Adapt to American culture and University expectations 
    • Become involved on campus with student organizations such as the International Student Association.
    • Get your Student ID Card, if you haven't already.  Remember, your ID card also works as a free bus pass! Find details here: Student ID Information.
    Please plan to be on campus by the first day of your required orientation program.


    Monday, January 13 – SOAR begins

    Time:  8:30am

    Location:  Brotman Hall, 1st floor


    Tuesday, January 14 – International Orientation & Registration

    Time:  8:30am

    Location:  LH (Lecture Hall) Room 150    



    Tuesday, January 14

    Time:  8:30am

    Location:  PH 1 (Peterson Hall 1) Room 141



    Tuesday, January 14

    Time:  8:30am

    Location:  UT (University Theater) Room 108

    We look forward to seeing you at orientation!