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Get Your Master'ظُŸœعآŸآœظآظآŸظآœظُŸظآظُŸ‰ظآŸظُŸ‰ظآœظُŸœعآŸآظُŸ‰ظآظُŸœعآŸآ‰ظُŸ‰ظآŸظُŸœعآŸآ‰ظُŸ‰ظآ‰ظُŸœعآŸآœظآظآŸظآœظُŸظآظُŸ‰ظآŸظُŸ‰ظآ‰ظُŸœعآŸآœظآظآŸظآ‰ظُŸœعآŸآ‰ظُŸ‰ظآ™s Degree in Geographic Information Science!

Get Your Master’s Degree in Geographic Information Science!

CSULB’s Master of Science in Geographic Information Science degree program can be completed in one year and provides students with advanced training while developing workplace skills that are highly valued by employers. If you are seeking specialized training for the geospatial workforce, this Master’s program will help you get the competitive edge you need to contribute to the range of positions in this diverse industry.

Our last free information session for this application period will take place at the time/location below:

Thursday, February 11, 2016, 6 pm-7 pm, CSULB Bldg. PH1, room 219.

Register today!

Contact our Student Services Center for information at (800) 963-2250 or go to www.ccpe.csulb.edu/MSGISci.

The Fall 2016 application deadline is April 1, 2016.

College of Continuing and Professional Education, 6300 State University Dr., Ste. 104, Long Beach, CA 90815

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