College of Continuing & Professional Education
  • CITT Vision, Mission, and Value Proposition

    We draw from our industry leading research, educational programs, and community outreach to serve as a trusted resource for the local and global transportation and trade communities.

    As leaders in trade and transportation workforce development we help individuals, organizations and the community reach their highest potential.
    Through the development and the delivery of targeted education, innovative research, and outreach programs, serving the mission of the university and the needs of the industry and the community.

    Value Proposition
    We deliver targeted and high-value educational opportunities both online and in the classroom for the trade and transportation industry that combine mentoring, self-directed learning, cohort development, and support for instructors and students.  We build networks and foster ongoing relationships that extend beyond the classroom. We maintain program relevance by paying vigilant attention to industry needs, conducting research, and facilitating industry interaction and engagement. 

    CITT's activities and reputation support and benefit the university's mission by: