Center for International Education

Students who have obtained a degree level comparable to a U.S. bachelor degree are considered “graduate” students, also referred to as “post-baccalaureate.” CSULB accepts graduate applications in fall and spring semesters; however, some graduate programs may close to applicants at any time.

International graduate applicants (F-1/J-1 visa holders) must file a CSU Long Beach International Application through CSU Mentor.

Some departments may require an additional application (departmental) and documents; therefore, it is essential to contact the academic department directly. Please visit the Graduate Studies link.

Graduate applicants, holding U.S. citizenship, U.S. permanent residency or visa classifications other than F-1/J-1 visa, who will be presenting non-U.S. coursework will be referred to the International Admissions for application processing. Applicants falling under this category must file a CSU Mentor Graduate Application and not the International Application.

There are two steps to the graduate application process:

1. A review of the university application and supplemental documents will be conducted by the International Admissions staff. Please review the application instructions and required documents. We will make the admission decision based on the minimum admission requirements found in the university catalog.

Key Admissions Criteria include the following:

2. If an International Admissions evaluator finds an applicant admissible for university admission, the applicant’s file is sent to a graduate department for the final decision. Some graduate departments require a higher GPA and additional supplemental documents and criteria; therefore, the final admissions decision is entered after the department renders its decision.

Graduate application processes take time, as department-specific requirements must be met. Decisions and response times may vary depending on each department.