Corporate Education

    Program Development Process

    A Five-Step Process to insure that your business training objectives are met:
    1. Consultation
      A good relationship begins with understanding your needs. In your initial free consultation, we’ll begin to explore your organizations educational training objectives.

    2. Assessment
      To know precisely where you’re starting we will conduct a thorough needs analysis to identify your key learning objectives. This assessment phase allows us to identify and begin the process of recommending appropriate training program options to meet your identified learning objectives.

    3. Program Development
      In this custom-design phase of the process, the essential content of the training program is developed to meet your specific needs and goals. Together we create the format—the length of the course and the hours. We create a program that is professional and practical, and ensure that it leads to hands-on application of the content.

    4. Instruction
      We are in the training business with highly qualified instructors selected from CSULB faculty and an extensive pool of industry experts. Our customized courses of study allow for immediate application in the workplace.

    5. Evaluation
      Your training program will be monitored from start to finish ensuring that your learning objectives are being met. At the end of training, we will provide a more comprehensive follow-up analysis that includes recommendations for further training, if appropriate. The evaluation process helps us maintain our standard of excellence.