Students receive an overview of how to properly fill-out necessary forms.

    In October, the CSULB Career Development Center and the Center for International Education (CIE) partnered to bring a week of programs and workshops addressing the different challenges and policies international students face in finding internships and jobs in the U.S.

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    Ghostwriting certificate program with Claudia Suzanne.

    Claudia Suzanne went from living a life loud and on stage to one of a ghost. Sidelined by a medical condition, the former professional drummer found a new career quietly authoring books and screenplays. Today, she is a highly respected, sought-after ghostwriter and instructor of CCPE’s Ghostwriting Professional Designation program. Claudia works with celebrities and well-known personalities crafting their memoirs, novels, and scripts, and teaching others to do the same.

    AVEPPressConf.jpgLeft to right: Antelope Valley Director Kenneth W. Santarelli, Marcea Ascencio, and CSULB Electrical Engineering professor Dr. Ahmad Kassai.

    Marcea Ascencio never bought into the notion of the grass being greener. When the Antelope Valley College student began looking at transfer options to complete her degree in Electrical Engineering, she took a look in her own backyard.

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    NL_MBA Study Abroad_Photo8.JPG
    SMBA students with CBA Graduate Programs Director, Dr. Ingrid Marin, in Milan.

    Every year, CSULB Saturday and Accelerated MBA (SMBA, AMBA) students embark on an International Business Experience advanced study course. For one week, students witness a foreign country’s business economy firsthand through a range of local company visits and cultural experiences. For 2015, SMBA students jetted off to Milan, Italy, while AMBA students headed south to Santiago, Chile. 

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    Linlin Li.JPGLinlin Li, a student from CSULB’s Center for International Education, recently published an article in the science journal, Coordination Chemistry Reviews. Titled “Recent Advances in Multinuclear Metal Nitrosyl Complexes,” the manuscript, co-authored by Linlin and Dr. Lijuan Li from CSULB’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, summarizes the advances made in the area of multinuclear metal nitrosyl complexes from 2003 to present.

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    Scott Edited1.jpg

    ​Scott Taschner graduated CCPE’s Master of Science in Geographic Information Science Degree Program (MSGISci) as part of the inaugural cohort in August 2014. Leveraging his newly acquired MSGISci knowledge, he recently prepared to take on the highly prized professional GIS certification, known as GISP® Certification, and was pleased to report to CCPE that he passed with flying colors.

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