2016-05-30-PHOTO-00000116.jpegPHOTO: Cesar Medina teaching a class at his dance studio in Guam

Growing up in Guam, Cesar Medina’s first—and only—dance instructor was the TV. Inspired by the music videos of artists like Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul, Medina was drawn toward dancing as a way to express himself. Little did he know then that it would become his life’s passion, one that would take him around the world and back again. Only now, he’s the instructor.

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PHOTO: Participants in Long Beach-based nonprofit Why’d You Stop Me? (WYSM)
Event + Reaction = Outcome. It’s a well-known formula for success that’s been touted by everyone from weight-loss experts to self-help gurus to college football coaches.

But for Jason Lehman, founder and executive director of the Long Beach-based nonprofit Why’d You Stop Me? (WYSM), the formula presented a unique approach to solving a complex real-world challenge: reducing acts of violence between the police and the community.

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U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) winner Aliyah Shaikh at the Jordan River

From the moment Aliyah Shaikh set foot in Jordan, English became a forbidden language.

The winner of a prestigious U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS), Shaikh arrived in the city of Madaba to join a rigorous language program. She even signed a contract agreeing to communicate in Arabic for eight weeks.

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PHOTO: Wilson High School students (L-R) Claudia Izaguirre, Allyson Jacobo, Kai Samreth, Sharon Valencia, Chanmealea Huy, and Alexis Capil preparing for a presentation on the final day of Ethnic Studies classes (Fall 2015 semester)

Usually, it’s hard to get excited to go to school on Saturday mornings. But for many high school students in the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), the chance to get tuition-free college credit while expanding their minds has spurred them to sit attentively in class over the course of several weekends this past year.

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030 Marie Luna.jpegMarie Luna is not what most people consider a traditional college graduate. The 60-year-old mother already had many years of work experience in city planning, and was raising two daughters, when she decided to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BALA) degree through CSULB. After trying unsuccessfully for years to get a degree while balancing work and family, Luna found the ideal fit for her busy life in the BALA program.

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Danish Parliament CSULB.docx.jpg
CSULB alumni often maintain a strong connection to their alma mater—no matter how long or how far they travel after graduation. This was amply demonstrated at EDU Days, an academic fair held in Copenhagen in September, at which students and alumni connected with study abroad programs through EDU, a growing corporation focused on education. Study Abroad @ The Beach was in attendance, with Associate Director Chris Mefford overseeing a booth to promote CSULB’s program.

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