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    Program Overview


    The MBA Preparation Program at California State University, Long Beach is for international students with advanced English skills who are preparing for entrance into a graduate business degree program in the United States. Each semester, students focus on important topics including management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship, all with an emphasis on international business and ethics.
    Students will examine contemporary case studies, complete team projects, and analyze today's business trends and practices, all while improving their academic communication and Business English skills as well as preparing for the GMAT or GRE analytical writing portion. Students will learn about MBA programs in the area and will benefit from special events and opportunities for career planning and professional development.


    Who Should Attend?


    International students with advanced English skills who want to improve their reading, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary skills; learn techniques to improve GMAT or GRE scores, especially for the analytical writing portions; and develop the critical thinking skills necessary for success in a graduate-degree business program.

    *Successful completion of one or two semesters in this program does not immediately guarantee admission into any of the CSULB College of Business Administration's (CBA) various MBA degree programs. All MBA Preparation Program students must comply with CBA requirements and submit necessary test scores and documents as stated for those separate degree programs.


    Program Highlights



    Special Features and Benefits





    Admission Requirements


    1. General application
    2. Applicant Questionnaire
    3. One or more of the following standardized test score(s): TOEFL ibt – 61, IELTS – 5.5, competitive GMAT/GRE; OR a valid diploma and transcripts from an English-speaking university (BA or BS)

    Students whose skills do not meet the standard of the MBA Preparation Program will be advised to enter the Intensive English Program. Students may apply to the MBA Preparation Program after they have completed Level 4 of the Intensive English Program.




    Program Curriculum


    The MBA Preparation Program is a two-semester progression of coursework, centered around the core classes of Business Communication (9 hours per week; listening/speaking focus), and Business Analysis (9 hours per week; reading/writing/vocabulary focus). Each of the core classes cover two 7.5 week modules each semester – Management & Finance in the Fall; Marketing & Entrepreneurship in the Spring. Additionally, first semester students take a full semester GMAT/GRE Prep class (4 hours per week), and an MBA Application Strategies class (2 hours per week). Continuing students in their second semester take the MBAP core classes, plus a CSULB open university class of their choosing.  (See sample schedules below)
    All MBA Preparation Program courses are business content-based, but the focus is on teaching English used in business, as well as the cultural aspects of being a student in an American MBA program. Students receive instruction and feedback on their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through learning about targeted business issues and concepts in each module. Additionally, cultural awareness and understanding will be promoted through activities designed for each topic.




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