Center for International Education
  • Conditional Admission

    How to apply for Conditional Admission to CSULB:   

    Applicants who do not meet the California State University, Long Beach English Language requirement and need to improve their proficiency first, may do so through the American Language Institute. This means you can attend the American Language Institute and gain direct entry to California State University, Long Beach once completing the required Intensive English Program level.
    1. Apply to the American Language Institute's Intensive English program. 
    2. Apply to CSULB online at between the appropriate deadline. 
    3. Pay the CSULB online $55 application fee
    4. Please turn the following documents in to the American Language Institute, by the appropriate deadline.
      • Government financial guarantee or bank statement that shows at a minimum $30,491 (graduates) /$32,181 (undergraduates)
      • Official English translations of all Academic Records and Certificates/Diplomas. Documents must be original or official copies with school stamp.

     5. (GRADUATE STUDENTS ONLY) Additional Documents:


    How to apply for Preliminary Evaluation:   

    Students who have missed the Conditional Admission deadline may find out if they are academically eligible for a degree program by completing the following:
    1. Submit a completed Preliminary Evaluation Form
    2. Submit a $150 check or money order made out to 'CSULB' 
    3. Submit a copy of all your academic transcripts
    If admissible, CSULB International Admissions will issue a letter saying you meet the academic requirements for your desired degree program.  Preliminary Evaluation does not result in official acceptance, guaranteed acceptance or conditional admission to CSULB. Students will still need to officially apply to the university for their official acceptance to the university. The Preliminary Evaluation takes 4-6 weeks.